Bay Leaves, Ground

Bay Leaves, Ground

Laurus nobilis

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Apollo was madly in love with the nymph Daphne, but she did not feel the same way towards him. To project Daphne from Apollo’s obsession, the Gods turn her into a bay tree and in fact, to this day the Greek word for the herb is “danfi.” Do not worry, our obsession with “danfi” only applies to food.  Bay Leaves Ground is perfect when you want to add bitter flavors of Camphor, Mace, and a little Eucalyptus to your dish, but you do not have the time to slow cook bay leaves.

Ingredients: Bay Leaves

Country of Origin: Turkey

Spice Pals: Citrus, Lentils, Rice, Coarse Salt, Herbs de Provence, Cracked Black Pepper, Crushed Red pepper, Lemon