We package custom blends in containers ranging in size from 32 oz food service plastic bottles up to 50 lb packs. All items are labeled with the production information needed to keep your QA and facilities organized.

When it comes to high volume food production, there isn’t an easier option! You get it all: consistency, fresheness, ease-of-use, and a serious time-saver. This adds up to a recipe for a better quality product in less time.

Why Southern Style Spices for Co-Packing?

  • Broad packaging solutions and creative labeling capabilities
  • Strict storage standards eliminate cross-contamination
  • Quick-turnaround production capabilities
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We know the true value of partnership.

With inner content ranging from a single ounce to more than 2,000 lbs, there’s no packaging problem we’re not fully equipped to solve.

Strict storage standards
At Southern Style Spices we follow a uncompromising storage policy and allergen control program. We offer a 100% guarantee that no odor or cross-contamination of flavors or allergens will occur in production runs. Ensuring that sweets and savories never co-exist. Due to our strict allergen control program, all allergens are kept in designated areas away from non-allergen spices or blends. Direct control of the entire manufacturing process—from production to packaging—ensures precise and consistent taste from every batch of product we produce.

Flexibility to meet your needs
Do you have time-sensitive packaging needs? We specialize in fast quick-turnaround production runs, meaning your product will be hitting retail shelves—or kitchens—before you can place your next order.



Want to improve consistency, reduce inventory and capital cost with precise portion control of the freshest ingredients? We’re here to help.