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Looking to uplevel your product line? When you partner with Southern Style Spices, we do the work and you enjoy the five star reviews that keep customers coming back again and again.

Why Southern Style Spices for Private Labeling?

  • Time-tested spices, herbs, blends, and ingredients of unsurpassed quality and consistency
  • Adapt quickly to changing food fads
  • A truly turnkey program
  • Trusted partner to help grow your band
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Southern Style Spices will give your product line the fresh vibrant new look your brand is looking for. Our library of more than 4,000 premium spices, herbs, blends, and ingredients make for a creative assortment of private label options.

Adapt on a dime
Food fads move at a breakneck pace. A partnership with Southern Style Spices means you’ll be ready to move just as fast. Supplementing your existing product catalog with a line of time-tested blends or ingredients from Southern Style Spices will ensure you’ve got what it takes to meet your customers’ ever-changing tastes.

A turnkey private label solution
Save time, money, and headache by partnering with us to bring premium, consistent spices, herbs, and ingredients to your customers. Our private label program is truly turnkey, which means we take the legwork—and much of the expense—out of expanding your product line.

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Private Labeling

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