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Ancho Powder: An Exploration

Ancho Powder Source: USA & Mexico Native to: Puebla, Mexico Pronounced: AHN-choh Like grapes grown for fine wine, Ancho Chile Peppers are incredibly complex. Anchos deliver a mild flavor that’s more earthy and smoky in taste. Each of our derivative powders uniquely highlights each flavor distinction. So, let’s break it down.   Ancho Powder Light This powder is...

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Southern Style Spices Ancho Powder


Most importantly, as a Chef; there is noticeable freshness, lower pricing, and the service level offers me the newest products on the market and deliveries with one day’s notice. No one else even comes close! I know that I have the right vendor, when our cooks ask for the product by the specific Southern Style Spice brand name.

Ed, RS3 Circuit of Americas

I have been working with Southern Style Spices for over five years now, and their team has been consistently accommodating and reliable. It’s a joy and a pleasure working with our Rep!

Sarah, Central Standard

Escoffier Austin has been using Southern Style Spices for over 6 years and we are thrilled with not only the product, but the service as well. You can’t beat the quality and freshness of their product and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Robyn, Escoffier

Working with Southern Style Spices has been an absolute pleasure on all facets of operation. Their outstanding product quality, on-time delivery, and dignified, personable workforce are what has us coming back week after week.

Brandon, Downtown Austin Westin

I worked with My Rep previously, so when I came to Tejas and saw them having a lot of inconsistency from spice purveyors I knew just who to call. My Rep worked with me to get the best prices across the board, on top of getting the perfect grind for our black pepper. The customer service is some of the best in the industry. We are extremely happy with our relationship with Southern Style Spices.

Daniel, Tejas Chocolate & BBQ

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