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Ancho Powder: An Exploration

TB   |   May 2021

Ancho Powder Source: USA & Mexico

Native to: Puebla, Mexico

Pronounced: AHN-choh

Like grapes grown for fine wine, Ancho Chile Peppers are incredibly complex. Anchos deliver a mild flavor that’s more earthy and smoky in taste. Each of our derivative powders uniquely highlights each flavor distinction. So, let’s break it down.


Ancho Powder Light

This powder is specially curated to highlight the lightest brown-red Ancho Peppers only. By excluding the darker Anchos, the flavor becomes wholely light. Therefore, it’s soft, mellow, and incredibly mild with earthy afternotes. This powder shines best in dishes with a delicate palate, like seafood, particularly tilapia. Suggested Recipes: Ancho Chili-Spiced Tilapia, Grilled Ancho Shrimp Filling, Frozen Rum Mango Lassi.

Ancho Powder Pure

This powder is constructed to spotlight the darker red-brown Ancho Peppers exclusively. With the lighter Anchos omitted, the flavor becomes earthy forward with a sharper zing of the chile accentuated by delightfully bitter notes. One whiff will make you salivate for mole sauce. This versatile powder compliments everything from tamales to cookies. Suggested Recipes: Ancho Mole Cookies, Sweet Potato Sandwich with Feta, No-Grill Elote.

Ancho Powder Dark

To make this powder, first whole Anchos are ground, caramelized, and finally roasted to create a stunning deep brown powder punctuated with subtle crystalline. The caramelization process produces an unparalleled flavor that is rich, pepper-forward, and earthy with just a hint of sweetness. This flavor is perfect for a deeper mole sauce and as a dry rub in its own right on beef, chicken, and pork. Suggested Recipes: Braised Pork in Lazy Cherry Ancho Mole, Ancho Chile Candied Bacon, Beef Tostadas with Fried Eggs.


Each powder elevates dishes with uniquely intricate flavors that will ensnare the senses both in savory and sweet dishes. Test out the variety of powders in your kitchen to discover the nuanced flavors each powder imparts to a variety of dishes. 

Southern Style Spices Ancho Powder


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