Monthly recipes featuring spices and blends

Oak Smoked Steak & Burger Rub

Time to fill your propane tanks and clean those grill racks. The spring and summer months are made for cooking and dining outside and we have the rub that everyone will love! Our Oak Smoked Steak & Burger Rub is an ideal seasoning to match your grilling needs. This robust, savory rub is the perfect balance of select herbs, garlic, …

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More Spice Talk

  • Chicken & Vegetable Soup Blends

    NM   |   December 2019

    There is nothing like homemade chicken soup when the cold weather months set in. Whether you are making your classic version of this household staple, or someone you know needs brothy nourishment fast, look no further than Southern Style Spices Chicken Soup Blend*. Combine this blend with a few tablespoons of the Vegetable Soup Blend…

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  • Vindaloo Seasoning

    GE   |   June 2019

    Vindaloo [Vin-duh-loooo!]  It’s fun to pronounce but it’s more fun to taste.  Vindaloo Seasoning is a staple ingredient in authentic Indian Cuisine, don’t let the seasoning’s sweet aroma fool you.  At Southern Style Spices, Vindaloo Seasoning is known as a hot, intense, and powerful flavor.  Sprinkle it over chicken, beef, pastes, sauces, and vegetable dishes….

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    Premium Hungarian Paprika

    CP   |   August 2018

    Hungarians adopted Paprika as their national spice, using it generously in their goulashes, stews and chicken dishes. Add it to chili recipes along with other chili powders, or use it as a garnish sprinkled on deviled eggs or potato salad. Hungarian Paprika lends an appealing flavor to dishes as well as a beautiful deep-red color….

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