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Ahi Tuna Rub

CP   |   July 2018

Its summertime and Southern Style Spices has a fresh Ahi Tuna Rub that will send your culinary imagination to the islands. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the magnolias and hear the ocean waves on the beach. grom the soy sauce tang to the hint of wasabi, this blend is bursting with an array of flavors. It’s a rub not only perfect on Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna, but you can also use a dash of the sweet, savory rub on Salmon, Swordfish, or Mahi Mahi Steaks. 

Spice Talk Tip:

Whisk two tablespoons olive oil, a pinch of lemon zest and Ahi Tuna Rub together. Then rub mixture on a Tuna Steak.



recipe card


    • In a medium-sized bowl combine Ahi Tuna, Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Ahi Tuna Rub, and Green Onions. Serve immediately or refrigerate covered for up to 2 hours before serving. Toss to recombine in the seasoning before serving. Add cooked Rice, Salad, Poke and desired toppings to each bowl. 


Additional bowl toppings: Avocado, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber, pickled ginger, wasabi, crab meat, tobiko, togarashi, furikake, dried seaweed, seaweed salad. Substitute tamari for soy sauce if you need a wheat free alternative. You can cut cubes of firm tofu and marinate for at least 30 minutes before serving if you’re looking for a vegetarian protein.


I have been working with Southern Style Spices for over five years now, and their team has been consistently accommodating and reliable. It’s a joy and a pleasure working with our Rep!

Sarah, Central Standard

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Robyn, Escoffier

Working with Southern Style Spices has been an absolute pleasure on all facets of operation. Their outstanding product quality, on-time delivery, and dignified, personable workforce are what has us coming back week after week.

Brandon, Downtown Austin Westin