Spice Talk

Oak Smoked Steak & Burger Rub

NM   |   March 2020


Time to fill your propane tanks and clean those grill racks. The spring and summer months are made for cooking and dining outside and we have the rub that everyone will love! Our Oak Smoked Steak & Burger Rub is an ideal seasoning to match your grilling needs. This robust, savory rub is the perfect balance of select herbs, garlic, coarse pepper and flakes of oak-smoked sea salt. While you’ll think steak, brisket, and burgers beg for this rub to be liberally applied, don’t underestimate the rich flavors it can draw forth on pork, poultry and vegetables. A dash of this blend can also add an elevated, gourmet component to classic macaroni-and-cheese, or even a creamy potato salad.

Spice Talk Tip: Your steak should be medium-rare after about eight minutes total cook time. If you feel like your steak is becoming too brown, reduce the heat to medium.


Step 1. Be BOLD with your Oak Smoked Steak & Burger Rub. Literally, rub this blend over all meat surfaces.
Step 2. Thoroughly clean the grill grates using a wire-bristled brush and if needed, a light coat of vegetable oil while starting to heat the grill
Step 3. Heat the grill to 500°F
Step 4. Grab those well-seasoned, room temperature steaks and sear on both sides (at least 3 minutes each side)
Step 5. Check interal tmperature: Rare – 125°F, Medium Rare – 103°-135°F, Medium – 140°F
Step 6. If you let it rest or like it hot, be sure to slice across the grain.

Now you enjoy, Grill Master!


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Sarah, Central Standard

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Robyn, Escoffier

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Brandon, Downtown Austin Westin